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Cavendish Wills are often requested to give talks to groups of people. These range from selected clients of financial advisors or accountancy firms, to Probus Club, Townswomens Guild and local community groups.

Whatever your requirements, your members can be assured of a stimulating talk containing thought-provoking content, including a question and answer session at the end. Talks typically range from thirty to sixty minutes in length, but may be tailored to suit whatever timeslot you prefer.

Subjects routinely offered include:

Tax – few of us like paying tax, especially a tax which is levied on our wealth when we die. Inheritance Tax, however, has been described as a ‘voluntary tax’ because there are allowances, exemptions and planning measures you can take to reduce or eliminate your exposure to this tax.

Long Term Care – as many as 70,000 homes are sold each year to fund long term care.

Re-marriage syndrome – Re-marriage of a surviving spouse after the first death of a couple can result in the new husband/wife inheriting everything, whilst the children get nothing. How would you feel if the inheritance you have worked so hard to leave could end up with someone you didn’t intend to leave it to?
Lasting Power of Attorney – A legal document that allows an individual to appoint the person or people they trust to manage their financial affairs and/or personal welfare, if they are no longer able to do so themselves. Mental incapacity can strike at any time as a result of accident or illness – you don’t always receive a warning.

A Will is not enough – 70% of the UK adult population doesn’t have a Will. The 30% that do have a Will often think they have done all they can to plan for the future. By its very nature, a Will only takes effect on death – so anything you put in your Will can’t help protect your assets during your lifetime.

There is no charge for a talk.

To arrange a free talk for your group, simply get in touch and we’ll be pleased to accommodate your request.

Free Company Workshop for Retirees

We can advise soon to be retiring employees on how best to protect their assets for their loved ones. Often a will is something people realise they should make but never quite get around to. Upon retirement, there are many adjustments to be made; how to live on a pension rather than the larger income they have earned from work, how to make best use of the retirement lump sum and what to do with the spare time they now have.

As you are probably aware planning your estate and making a professional Last Will & Testament is one of the most important things you will ever do. By protecting your hard earned wealth and assets, and putting them in order, you can protect those people that matter to you most. To die intestate (without having made a Will) leaves your loved ones in an uncertain and stressful position.

Other questions that are often overlooked are what would happen if long term care is required in later life, how would this be paid for and what would this mean to the family’s inheritance?

We realise that many people understand the importance of having a professional Last Will and Testament, however the reason that the majority have not yet put a Last Will and Testament in place is because of their lack of time and knowledge on the subject. We have a fresh approach and aim to provide free one to one consultations with your employees at their place of work. A date for our visits is organised with your Human Resources department. An appointment sheet is then distributed at your place of work so employees can be allocated their preferred time. Each consultation takes in the region of 15 minutes and then if your employee wishes to make an appointment to discuss things further we will arrange a free home visit to address their individual circumstances.

We have been running these workshops for some years and they have proved to be a tremendous success. As well as providing peace of mind for your employees, we have also taken the inconvenience out of discussing and putting into place this essential legal document.

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